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Several formulas

Inscriptions are over one year (the school year from September to June). Visits can be arranged by appointment with Madame Reyhani via the contact page.
If you would like to provisionally enrol your child in one or several of the formulas – After-School Club, Wednesday Club or Holiday Club – please complete the pre-registration form.
Depending on the formula selected, Same Club will apply the fixed rate or the hourly rate. When 2 or more children from the same family are registered, a reduction of 10% will be applied to the total bill.

After-school afternoons
Fixed rate: 60 euros
This rate is a fixed rate in order to benefit from up to 3 hours attendance at Same Club in an afternoon.

Wednesday Club 
Hourly rate: 20 euros per hour. Minimum 4 hours in the morning or afternoon. For a Full Day on Wednesday (from 9h00 onwards) a reduction of 10% will be applied to the hourly rate.
Morning of 4 hours: 80 euros
Afternoon of 4 hours (13h30-17h30): 80 euros
Afternoon of 6 hours (13h30-19h30): 120 euros
Full Day of 9 hours (8h30-17H30): 180 euros-10%= 162 euros

Saturday Club
Fixed rate: 40 euros per activity. Saturday activities last 1h15 minutes.