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Wednesday Club

Learn through fun is the key to success

Download our Wednesday Club’s program.

Club is designed for children ages 3-15.

Activities for children aged 3-11 years will take
place at the school ‘Etre et Découvrir’ in Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche.
Activities for children aged 12-15 years will take
place at our center in Mareil-Marly.

The day starts at 8h30 with a priority to ‘learn through fun.’ The children participate in various planned workshops. The animators guide your children through their choice of activities. The workshops are planned throughout the day by freelance anglophone professionals. The types of workshops include yoga, drama, cooking, music, STEAM, Jolly Phonics, arts & crafts, and more!

Lunch 12h30-13h30 
Students bring their lunch boxes that are put in the refrigerator and reheated by one of our teachers.
Breaks Children can benefit from a rest between the workshops by choosing a game of their liking or by taking a book and reading.
Multiple Options are available:
Morning only (children aged 3-11) 8h30-12h30
Afternoon only (childrend aged 3-15) 13h30-17h30
Entire day (children aged 3-11) 8h30-17h30.

Teenagers (children aged 12-15) may sign up for the entire afternoon (13h30-17h30) or for one of the following workshops:

Steam Workshop: 13h30-14h30
Cooking Workshop: 14h30-15h30
Drama Workshop: 16h-17h30

For information regarding prices and scheduling, please send an
email to Same Club by clicking here